DL Media Unveiled New Responsive Website for Bussell Building

Springfield, MO, February 03, 2014 – DL Media launched a new responsive website design for Bussell Building. The kindhearted size allows for seamless browsing across mobile, tablet besides desktop browsers. Visitors can browse homes in a variety of ways including multiple floor plan options et al subdivisions, to name a few. An additional upgrade to the BussellBuilding.com site is the ability to take a virtual tour of custom home options.

“Your business website should keep up with the growing trend of customers accessing material on varying devices. Potential customers are not always accessing a website from a desktop computer, ” said Dianne Davis, president of DL Media. “An app for a business generally strips down information off of the company’s website. Save the investment of an app and invest in updating your company’s website to a new responsive size so it jug afsluiting indubitably accessible on all devices.”

“We wanted to accept a resourceful website that was choked orotund from useful marketing and home architecture information,” said Kim Gaisford, dummy with Ball Club 24-7 Realtors. “Even builders work from tablets and smartphones. Bussell Building’s new website flows seamlessly and accurately.”

A responsive website is a design approach aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience for customers; no matter what description concerning device they are accessing the website. Bussell Building’s responsive website works seamlessly across thousands regarding different screen sizes and software platforms without stripping down content.

Founded in 1997, DL Media is a full-service digital marketing and advertising cause headquartered in Nixa, Mo. The agency works to advance clients’ firms by helping solve marketing challenges through relevant, engaging polysyndeton irresistible communications. For more information about DL Media visit dlmedia.com.

Bussell Building, owned by Kenny Bussell, believes that delivering “more than expected” is the standard benchmark of peculiarity and buyer service – without paying extra for it. They have streamlined the building process afterward that entire experience is a pleasurable one. Bussell Building offers new warranty service, which is unmatched in the area and by all accounts is the benchmark of the company’s success. Team 24-7 Realtors is proud to be the exclusive representative for Bussell Building. To learn more, haunt BussellBuilding.com.

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Bussell Building
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