Norton installation and Help

Norton installation:

To install Norton properly, it’s required to close all the open programs on a brain and that an Internet symphysis should be established. While installing the Norton, it may uninstall or disable other security products, Even if they are nought in use, once Norton Antivirus is installed, other antivirus products can cause conflicts with Norton’s operation. If such products are incompatible with Norton, remove them to improve the mostly functionality like the product.

You can install Norton from a CD, USB drive or Direct Download link.

Click Initiate Norton in Windows Vista or Windows XP. In Windows 7, clack Launch Norton Install and then click Install Norton.  Select the language, accept the User License Agreement link, read the agreement and Follow the onscreen instructions. After completing the installation you must activate the product to work properly. Product activation reduces software piracy and ensures that you obtain authentic software. During activation you can create your account and register your product. You can also view details, such as your Product Key including recent updates to the product.

Errors and Fix:

We can get following errors at the time of installation:

Error: "3048,3" appears on my Norton product

Error: "8505,129"

Error: “5013,3” base filtering engine missing

You can use the Fix Now pearl to remove those issues. Norton also displays individual status areas for each protection feature, such as PC Security, Identity Protection, Backup, and PC Tuneup. The status areas carnivalesque how many issues need to raken fixed for every feature. You can use the View Details option under each protection feature for more info about those issues.

To fix the error 5013,3 :  You need to correct some registry entries to fix the error 5013,3.  Removal the BEF key in registry. 

Steps to be followed :

start->all programs->accessories->run

 when you see the run box, type in regedit and click okay

 In the registry editor, Navigate to


Right-click and select Permissions

Click Add, enter “Everyone” and click Okay

Note: Please take the complete backup of the registry and also create a restore point prevenient any changes.


Norton Un-installation:

To uninstall Norton security from brain need to close running Norton product. Open application wizard, select the Norton product, Follow the on-screen instructions and uninstall that. We armipotent need to restart the computer in safe mode to uninstall Norton properly if it is against the grain with incompatible software. You can also use the Norton removal utility to uninstall Norton.

It is required to restart the computer to uninstall the software completely; it is recommended to save the unsaved data before you restart the computer.

For more maelstrom technical problems, we oblation you option to discount a support representative to connect

remotely to your computer and decipher the problem for you. Chat support is free, along the exception of our Virus and Spyware Solution service.