Mcafee Installation and help

McAfee installation:

McAfee Security software protects your order from viruses, Spywares, Trojan horses, worms and potentially unwanted code further programs. McAfee provides the information you obligation during each aspect of product installation and troubleshooting. After a product is released, you can find all the required information from McAfee Knowledge Base. We experience several ways to inaugurate McAfee Security, approve Sell installation disk, Retail card or fair from online account. Before installing McAfee Security you need to indicate your product online. If you are installing McAfee using the retail card, you will have to redeem the product activation key in your McAfee account. McAfee online account provides us many installations facility, if incase we lose the installation media or product activation key. Using online McAfee account you can uprise all the information about your product like validity, billing information, calendric account etc. To install McAfee using online account, you need to login to the account, download the product further click Install. Select the language, accept the User License Agreement link, understand the agreement and Follow the onscreen instructions. During McAfee installation process it will defeat system configuration, incompatible applications & previous version of McAfee security software and prompts to uninstall all conflict applications. You need to allow un-installation process to complete current McAfee installation. After completing the installation, update the product to get current sickness definitions.


McAfee Guard software cup be uninstalled from windows add/remove programs. To uninstall McAfee Security software open Run and type appwiz.cpl, it will directly open the installed programs list, Select the McAfee product to be uninstalled and follow the instructions. Once the product uninstalled it will ask to restart the computer to complete the uninstall process. McAfee provides MCPR tool to uninstall the product. You must uninstall the McAfee product using the Windows Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP or Programs further Features in Windows 8, 7 and Vista before you run MCPR. Otherwise, the number about licenses will be incorrectly counted. Supposing you are not able to uninstall McAfee utilizing Windows Add/Remove Programs, or you have already haste MCPR without uninstalling, you should check your McAfee account and deactivate the license for your computer to ensure that the license is released for a later installation.

Errors and Fix:

We get following errors until working with McAfee:

McAfee Blanch Screen Error: The error mostly occurs when Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is missing rather not updated, we provide technical assistance to fix this error.

Incomplete installation / Un-installation error: If you have any incompatible program installed on the computer or your computer is already infected, McAfee will be showing this error.

Error while updating: If the McAfee Update Middleperson is unable to signal with the McAfee server due to slow Internet Connection, you must face this error.

Real time scans /Firewall incorrect error: It happens when the production is not updated or the PC is infected.

McAfee Virtual Technician, WebMER and Preinstall McAfee tools can help to fix all the above errors.