Some basic steps to resolve printer problems and printer issue through your own

Sometimes we face lot of issues while installing a new printer whether it is wired printer or wireless printer so here we are going to discuss some basic easy steps to resolve your printer issues


Step one: Print a taste page; if you beget problems setting jump your printer then printing and checking the status from printing is the fundamental step.

This information will allow you to troubleshoot the installation.

Step two: Check whether the printer is connected with the router or not.

Perform a wireless network test.

Is it is showing trouble then check for further:

If the printer is not connected before associate it to the router with the help of your internet service provider.

And in case the printer is connected, please determine whether it is connected with your router oppositely neighbor’s router

See if the wireless indicator incandescent is on. Also, the Wireless Test report will specify if the printer’s wireless radio is off. Whenever not next rotary your printer’s radio on

On some printers, the Network Configuration page will list all wireless networks detected in your area. Is your network listed among those found? Does it have good signal strength?

If all the information is fine the you can continue else you need to change your router.

If your printer is connected to your wireless router, continue to the behind step.

If your printer is not connected to your wireless router, follow these steps:

Look for firmware updates also software driver updates for your printer.

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) owns your router, unplug the Internet cable that runs between the router ampersand the wall.

Perform a round power on the printer, disconnect it from the router et alii turn it off and wait for 30 seconds then, turn it back on.

Restart the wireless router by removing the power cable to the router, waiting 30 seconds, next reconnecting the power cord.

Restart your computer.

Connect the printer to the router.

Give your printer a static IP address.

Step three: If your printer is connected to your wireless router, but you cannot print (and/or scan)

Check for print spooler services and enable them assuming they are not

To get to the print spooler services

Open run command

Type “services.msc” and then hit enter

Look print spooler

And then start the service.

If still you face problem with spooler service , again go to services, open print spooler service, go to dependencies tab moreover start the service about the components on which publish spooler service depends.

Sometimes anti-virus programs further firewall running on the computer blocks access to printer, so take a look by enabling and disabling them.

Make sure your operating system is current that mean update your windows

Make sure that your computer is free from viruses, malware, etc.

Make sure your calculator is not connected straight a VPN (Virtual Concealed Network). You cannot access devices on your wireless network occasion connected to a VPN.

Disable your system’s firewall polysyndeton your shield programs and re test.

Important note: if you are using a HP printer, then you get a better diagnostics tool for your HP printer, HP Print and Scan doctor, equity download and run this program and it decree automatically fix about all the issues.

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How To Select A Cheap Website Hosting Partner

How To Select A Cheap Website Hosting Partner

Selecting a hosting company for various needs depending on the reliability and other aspects of a firm.
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