No More Searching for Deals, ValueTag Brings Best Deals on Every Website and Store

No More Searching for Deals, ValueTag Brings Best Deals on Every Website and Store

Copperpix announces today the release regarding ValueTag, a new usage for people who hate to pay more than they should when shopping. Denial more hopping from site to site for peerless prices. ValueTag visual search scans product image on any website and search 100s of stores to deliver best prices to consumers online and in-store.

Tablet contributes to significant online shopping today and is the fastest growing segment worldwide. Apple presented tablet to the world and is obvious for it intuitive UI design, but still forgot that traditional way of desktop product scrutiny doesn’t apply to tablets. This is particularly evident when tablet shoppers gain to search for products and prices, the biggest hassle is copying the product name and then pasting in various stores website. Valuetag chart inquiry tablet appremoves that inefficiency and saves you a lot of time this shopping season.

Market research shows that 25% of online shoppers put items in their carts but don’t click the buy button stating, “it’s too expensive” as their reason. Interestingly, 87% of those same shoppers immediately pass away look for a cheaper price somewhere else online. Now, with a new free shopping axe Valuetag, searching different websites is a object of the past. With the Valuetag Add-on, there’s no more jumping around from site to site to analogy prices alternative to find what you want. Valuetag visual search engine scans produk image and assimilate it to 100’s of websites to find the best prices.

Rather than jotting down products and then going and searching reviews and prices at various websites, the Valuetag visual search engine scans product image, search multiple websites and finds best deals on call at various stores. Try out Valuetag Chrome add-onto find out more. For Safari and Firefox plug-ins, download add-ons from

Did you ever go to store and liked a product yet were not sure if you can procure a better price online? You’re not alone; market probe indicates that 50% of shoppers go online to secure the product after checking it in-store.Rather than coming back neighborhood and realizing that store had the best price, useValuetag android appto find out best prices in store. Scan the barcode and app will show if there is better deal online or at any other retail store. Users can even share deals near friends and followers via email, google+, facebook uncertainty twitter.

Once Valuetag extension is installed, the “valuetag” icon appears in top-side of the product image. Righteousness click on the icon and it will search the image at 100s of websites and shows a similar productwindow, presenting deals and prices of product from multiple stores.
As an example, if someone is shopping for a new camera at, Valuetag icon will automatically appear through the camera product image. On clicking the icon, either it confirms that Amazon is the lowest price, substitute showsif other 100’s of merchants (Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Sears, Target, etc.) have a betterment deal.